Queering the what? (About The Blog)

Queering the feminist lens. What does that mean?

The metaphorical lens is just a fancy way to say the way you look at things in regards to a political position or identity. My feminist lens is when I look at things like pop culture or current events from a critical feminist perspective. I see it as a camera, there's the initial lens that comes with the camera, but you can add filters to change or enhance the way the photo turns out. The political lenses are sort of like filters for the personal camera. Click.

Queering. To look at things through a queer lens. So in this blog, I'll be looking at things with a critical queer feminist lens. I will also be looking at things within feminism with a queer lens, and things in the LGBTQ community with a feminist lens. I'll also be looking at everything with the lens of my personal identity, because you can never separate who you are from the way you view the world.